Home In Verrado  

Our objectives are:

  • To get as many qualified buyers as possible into your property until SOLD.
  • To communicate the results of our activities to you regularly.
  • To assist you in getting the highest possible dollar value for your property with the least amount of problems.
  • To constantly look for the best possible methods of exposing your property to the potential buyers in today's market.

A Plan for marketing your property:

  1. Submit your listing to the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service.

  2. Advertise your property on our "Home In Verrado" website.
  3. Have a "For Sale" sign installed.
  4. Take pictures and create a fact sheet with features and benefits of your property, for the information box on the sign post.
  5. Mail a 'Just Listed' flyer to residents in the neighborhood.
  6. Submit copies of your listing to our sales staff for their current buyers.
  7. Phone, text or email you to schedule appointments for showings.
  8. Schedule Open Houses when possible.
  9. Suggest and advise you as to any changes you might want to make in your property to make it even more marketable to the buyer.
  10. Constantly update you as to any changes in the real estate market, both in prices and changing interest rates and their effects on the sale of your property.
  11. Pre-qualify when possible, prospective buyers before showing your property.
  12. Place your property on the brokers open house tour.
  13. Follow-up on all the salespeople that have shown your property for their response.
  14. Represent your best interests in the presentation of all contracts written and help in negotiating the best price and terms for you.

When people try to

Market there own property they may get phone calls and knocks on their door at all hours from buyers who may not be qualified.  When you put your property on the market with us showings by appointment will keep inconvenience to a minimum.

A real estate agent 

can expose a property to more buyers than a seller can.  Therefore, we have a greater chance of finding the buyer who is willing to not only purchase your property, but pay top dollarfor it.  The net dollar you receive on the sale, even after sales commissions, is likely to be higher.

Thninking of ​selling your ​Verrado property?

Our marketing program will help 
you... obtain the most money,
in the shortest time, with the
​least amount of inconvenience. 

Let us explain...

Greater exposure will help sell your property faster and at top dollar.  Here is what we do to maximize the exposure of your property to the market place.

  • Enter your property on our "Home in Verrado" website
  • Through the Home Smart network of more than 6,500 affiliated agents in the Phoenix metro area in contact with qualified buyers.
  • Our "For Sale" signs attract qualified buyers.  Many home sales occur as a result of a buyer recognizing our familiar name on the front lawn.

Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service    

  • Will expose your property to nearly every agent in the Phoenix metro area through a cooperative arrangement we call ARMLS.  There are over 15,000 members who may be working with buyers right now.  Through ARMLS we can expose your property to these buyers, many of which you or I may never meet.
  • Even the ARMLS computer is working for you through computer selection.  An agent merely enters a buyers property requirements into the computer, then, if your property meets those requirements it is selected for showing.
  • Other signs, ads and open houses.  Most agents are motivated to find the right property for the buyer regardless of which company has it for sale.  Therefore, anytime an agent with another firm is contacted by a buyer from a sign, ad or open house, the agent is likely to show other MLS listings as well as their own.

  • Walk in customers.  This year there will be hundreds of buyers walking into real  estate offices all over the "Valley".  Most of these customers you will never see and the agents will not bring them to see your property, unless of course it is listed with an ARMLS broker.

Open Houses

  • Will expose your property to more buyers.  Buyers like open houses because they have the freedom to look at property without committing themselves.
  • ​Walk in customers.  This year there will be hundreds of buyers walking into real  estate offices all over the Phoenix metro area.  Most of these customers you will never see and the agents will not bring them to see your property, unless of course it is listed with an MLS broker.
  • Buyers from our sold listings.  There are nearly 20,000 properties listed for sale in the Phoenix metro.  Many of these people will be repurchasing another property when theirs sells.

Other methods used to promote your property:

  • Property tours and broker open houses familiarize other agents with your property.  We prefer to hold a broker's open house or tour within the first two or three weeks on the market.
  • Flyers help to get other agents excited about selling your property.  With so many properties on the market it is hard for agents to remember one property from the next.  We will design a flyer that will make your property stand out from the crowd.
  • An Information box on your for sale sign (where permitted) distributes flyers that increase buyer inquiries.  It will turn the sign we place on your property into an information center designed to get buyers to call.

  • We locate additional prospects for your property from referrals from past customers and from referrals from other agents outside our market area.

  • A home warranty program protects you during the listing term and puts the buyer at ease.  If buyers know that the property is covered for one year after closing they are more comfortable making a buying decision.

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